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Three mega-mergers on the seed and pesticide market, a new method of genetic engineering that has triggered a global hype, European debates on insect decline and on banning herbicides such as glyphosate – good reasons for convening another European Conference of GMO-free regions.

On 6th and 7th September, representatives of regional governments, food trade and processing, non-governmental organisations, science and agriculture will meet for the 9th European Conference of GMO-Free regions in Berlin. The under secretary for the Environment of Hesse, who took over the presidency of Europe's 64-government network of GMO-free regions in 2017, invites its members and partners to attend this meeting. She is supported by “Save Our Seeds” as the conference-secretariat for civil society.

Focus on CRISPR-Cas

This time the focus is on the challenges associated with a new method of genetic modification called CRISPR-Cas. Is this method, also known as “gene editing”, safer than previous forms of genetic engi­neering? Aren’t CRISPR-Cas applications, such as engineering entire populations by means of "gene drives", rather posing new and additional risks? After the European Court of Justice ruling of July 25th on these issues, what will be the next political and administrative steps of the European and national institutions. Could certain products of genetic engineering still appear neither labelled nor traceable in food or even in the environment as governments in other regions of the world refuse to regulate them? What is the global situation on these issues?

We will discuss these questions in joint debates and various workshops. The aim is to clarify technical and scientific aspects, the legal situation, economic impacts on agriculture and the food industry and, last but not least, the political debate in the wake of European elections in spring 2019. In addition, we will discuss the EU protein strategy and GMO imports as well as the labelling of animal products.

We want to look for common positions and strategies on key issues of transparency, precautionary environmental protection, agricultural policy and consumer protection. If your government, institution or civil society organisation is also engaged in these questions, then you should attend this conference.

If your government, institution or civil society organisation is also engaged in these questions, then you should attend this conference.

The programme:

On Thursday, September 6, the non-governmental organizations will use the whole day for internal discussions at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

On the evening of September 6, the Environment Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate invites us to an evening reception. On Friday, September 7, representatives of governments, business, science and civil society will jointly meet at representation of the State of Hesse and conclude the meeting with an evening reception. Various fringe meetings before and after this programme are being planned in addition.

Conference language: English (no interpreters, individual help with translation possible)


Please download the registration form as pdf file or as odt file and return it to the conference secretariat: info@gmo-free-regions.org

Please wait for a positive confirmation of your participation before making travel plans and booking accommodation in Berlin. We will keep the participants informed about the further design and details of the programme. Also, even if you are one of the speakers, we appreciate if you could send us your registration. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are members of the European GMO-Free Regions NETWORK, please register from the network´s website


Akiko Frid / Benedikt Haerlin c/o SOS, Marienstr.19-20, 10117 Berlin, +49 30 28482326

We very much hope to see you in September and look forward to your response!

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